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This event saw the death of 12 of the 13 crew on board. The only survivor was Henry Freeman ... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Henry Freeman RNLI">Read More</a>The Benefits of the Volvo Ocean RaceKieranThu, 19 May 2016 15:46:00 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Benefits of the Volvo Ocean Racehttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Benefits of the Volvo Ocean Race<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//maxresdefault-250x250.jpg" /></p>The benefits from this were enormous. The event brought in €55.8 million to the economy and saw 650,000 people visit Galway. It was a massive success.... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Benefits of the Volvo Ocean Race">Read More</a>The Life of Surgeon Rear-Admiral Frank GoldenKieranFri, 29 Apr 2016 09:14:34 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Life of Surgeon Rear-Admiral Frank Goldenhttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Life of Surgeon Rear-Admiral Frank Golden<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//image-250x250.jpg" /></p>   On 5th January 2014, Surgeon Rear Admiral Frank Golden died aged 77. He received multiple awards, including an OBE but more than anything Frank G... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/The Life of Surgeon Rear-Admiral Frank Golden">Read More</a>Cold Water ShockKieranTue, 08 Mar 2016 10:51:57 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Cold Water Shockhttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Cold Water Shock<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//Dollarphotoclub_47673547- Low Res - Copy-250x250.jpg" /></p>"If you are lucky enough to survive long enough to die of hypothermia, you have done very well; most die in the first minute of immersion" – Professor... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Cold Water Shock">Read More</a>The Life & Death of Douglas TompkinsKieranWed, 16 Dec 2015 12:23:09 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Douglas Tompkin, North Facehttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Douglas Tompkin, North Face<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//authenticity-doug-tompkins_h-250x250.jpg" /></p>Doug Tompkins; a businessman, conservationist, outdoorsman and philanthropist. Founded North Face in 1964.     Doug Tompkins was born on March 20... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Douglas Tompkin, North Face">Read More</a>Peter Freuchen - Arctic ExplorerKieranFri, 04 Dec 2015 10:09:01 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Peter Freuchen Arctic Explorerhttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Peter Freuchen Arctic Explorer<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//05B_Peter_Freuchen-250x250.jpg" /></p>Peter Freuchen -  Danish explorer, author, journalist and anthropologist   Peter Freuchen was born in Denmark on February 2nd 1886. He was a tall ... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Peter Freuchen Arctic Explorer">Read More</a>Jose Salvador Alvarenga 438 days at SeaKieranTue, 24 Nov 2015 12:45:05 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Jose Salvador Alvarenga 438 days at Seahttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Jose Salvador Alvarenga 438 days at Sea<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//1D4DB15700000578-2933019-New_challenges_A_year_after_Jose_Alvarenga_was_found_following_1-m-2_1422623194635-250x250.jpg" /></p>“I would stroll back and forth on the boat and imagine that I was wandering the world. By doing this I could make myself believe that I was actually d... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Jose Salvador Alvarenga 438 days at Sea">Read More</a>Nils Bohlin & the Three-Point Safety BeltKieranThu, 12 Nov 2015 11:19:05 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Nils Bohlin, Three-Point Safety Belthttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Nils Bohlin, Three-Point Safety Belt<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//volvo_safetybelt_02-250x250.jpg" /></p>Three-Point Safety Belt from the man who helped develop the ejection seat and other pilot rescue systems. Nils Bohlin was born in Härnösand, Sweden... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Nils Bohlin, Three-Point Safety Belt">Read More</a>Edgar Pask and the Story of the Life JacketKieranThu, 24 Sep 2015 10:56:48 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Edgar Pask Deviate Aspirehttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Edgar Pask Deviate Aspire<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//Edgar 2-250x250.png" /></p> Edgar Pask - “The bravest man in the RAF who never flew an aircraft” and his contribution to Lifejacket Design (Personal Flotation Device)     E... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Edgar Pask Deviate Aspire">Read More</a>Paul Boyton - First Immersion Suit 1875KieranTue, 01 Sep 2015 10:22:49 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Paul Boyton Hypothermia Drysuit Deviate Aspirehttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Paul Boyton Hypothermia Drysuit Deviate Aspire<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//HW1875P424952-250x250.jpg" /></p>Paul Boyton - Born Ireland 1848 developed the first immersion suit as we know it. Gain a glimpse into Paul's life and the challenges he faced to bring... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Paul Boyton Hypothermia Drysuit Deviate Aspire">Read More</a>Entrepreneur Experience - 24 Hours of Success, Failure & ExecutionKieranTue, 31 Mar 2015 10:26:58 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Entrepreneur-Experiencehttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Entrepreneur-Experience<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//IMG_20150329_224437-250x250.jpg" /></p>I have been most fortunate to gain the opportunity to attend Entrepreneur Experience over the past two days. What is the Entrepreneur Experience you ... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/Entrepreneur-Experience">Read More</a>Getting StartedKieranThu, 26 Mar 2015 09:18:51 +0000http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/StartUphttp://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/StartUp<p><img src="http://oceansurvivor.eu/image/cache//Dollarphotoclub_80073244 Low Res-250x250.jpg" /></p> Off on another adventure to the Entrepreneurs Experience tomorrow. What’s the Entrepreneurs Experience you might say? Do you ever find yourself s... <a href="http://oceansurvivor.eu/blog/StartUp">Read More</a>