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About Us

Ocean Survivor

Award winning Ocean Survivor are currently developing a simple to use product that mitigates the effects of hypothermia, while promoting comfort and mental well-being in a cold water survival situation. Ocean Survivor possesses a proactive approach of donating heat to the user’s body in a survival situation. As hypothermia sets in, blood flow to the extremities is restricted and pooled at the core of the body. The company’s product reduces core heat loss and actively transfers heat to upper chest area, and works with the body’s natural defence mechanisms.


Our Founder & Managing Director – Kieran Normoyle

Having trained as a lifeguard and medic with the Irish Reserve Defence force, Kieran was dissatisfied with existing methods for treating hypothermia. While studying Product Design and Technology at the University of Limerick, Kieran set himself the challenge of developing a new approach to mitigating hypothermia in the most extreme environment – Cold water immersion.  

As part of his final year design project, Kieran carried out research with the Irish Navy, RNLI, Air Sea Search and Rescue, Coast Guard and Mullion Life Jacket Manufacturers. Over 9 months Kieran researched and developed Hydros, a three piece personal flotation device, which mitigates the effects of cold water shock, hypothermia and secondary drowning. The design was shortlisted in the top 20 of 650 in the world in the James Dyson Awards 2013. Hydros also received a highly commendable award from the Irish Designers Institute. Kieran received a summer research bursary from the University of Limerick to carry out limited cold water testing on the design which was completed over a 3 month period.

On graduating Kieran secured a position as a Design Engineer at Molex Shannon, in this position he was responsible for new product development and the sustaining of the Din industrial connector product range. He also worked on the automation of the Aerogen Nebulizer medical product range. While in this position, Kieran attained a feasibility study valued at €15,000 and Competitive Start Funding from Enterprise Ireland. He left his position to commercialise his design and founded Ocean Survivor.